Adobe Photoshop Express App Reviews

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Loved it!!

It’s awesome like professional. Feels like powerful software in my IPad! I will buy a full version soon.


Awesome App!!!

Love it!

My Go To App For Photo Editing :)

Great App

One of best out there !

Over all very good

Only thing I would like to be able to see is adding several different styles of font on the same document

Great Application

Easy to Use


Love using this app for touching up my professional photos. Really comes in handy. You can check out my work on instagram @jpeg_0013

Amazing photo editing for a phone app.

The blemish tool and noise reduction actually work! The photo tilt feature is very good too. I am able to edit my iPhone pictures as much as I need to and still have good photo quality. Finally a worthy photo app!

Love it!!

Great app and even better now with the new improvements. My ONLY photo editing app!

Still learning

First time today working w this. Have a lot to figure out. So far I’m excited w the results

Full version not accessible unless you log in w/FB

I used to be able to rotate a photo and do minor adjustments, but now this stupid program requires you to log into Facebook, Google or something else. Screw you if you think I’m going to log into a social media account t just to use this good for nothing program. That by the way I paid for to be able to use on my iPad. Now this program is useless junk!


I always loved this app. I enjoy using it

Sooo good!

Such a good app! Really easy to use, would be cool having more choices of filters and fonts...just saying. All over really appreciate the app!

Its pretty good

Well...there are things I want to use so I press it it says I cant and than I press another one... I cant. It is still a pretty good app.


I love this app! It has lots of functions and adjustable strength within each function. The editing possibilities are endless.

Great but needs more text scripting.

Need more options, love all photoshop apps thank you.

Love this app!

This is my go to app for all my picture editing! It really is the best and Ive tried many.

Not really photoshop....

It’s decent for quick edits, but don’t let the name mislead you. It ain’t no photoshop. When I saw it I was expecting something more to the functionality of “Pixelmator”, “Procreate”, “affinity photo” or at least “enlight”. But really it’s no more useful than a lot of other simple editors out there like “snapseed”. So it’s good for quick edits, but don’t expect some sort of photoshop alternative. Ps. For a REAL FULL FEATURED PHOTOSHOP ALTERNATIVE, I would recommend “Paintstorm”.

Forever favorite

I’ve used this since early 2010 and have been really pleased. A lot of times I use it in combination with an art app that I use after making my own drawings. I know I have not utilized nearly all I could do with this, but someday. I am always recommending this app.

Upload to CC is awesome update.

One click and the file i just edited on my phone are open on all of my computers with CC open. Very Nice!

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