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Unable to Send to CC

Whenever I try to upload it to CC or any other option. It just freezes and the loading circle spins forever. App often crashes randomly too. I’m on iPhone X and latest app update. Other than that, it’s a very great app.

Great App.

SUPER app to be creative with your photos. Great layouts. Love it.

Good app, easy to fix problems

1. When sending a photo into the application it defaults and changes the color a very very small amount. Happens with Adobe Lightroom App as well. 2. Cropping glitches a lot and needs to be smoother 3. Blur options are very limited There’s some other small things but aren’t bad enough to complain. I love the app a lot, use it all the time. But every now and then I get a photo that changes colors slightly every time I open it at the beginning. Very frustrating.

Does not support iPhone X

Does not support the iPhone X. Menu bar is cutoff by notch.

Update Available/ Update Not Available!

This is a great app. But, I have iPad 4th Gen. which no longer supported by apple. I am continuously being notified that there is an update available, but I can't apply the update. I know you no longer support, just stop telling me that an update is available when it is in fact not.

App freezes randomly when saving the edited pic

I used to really love this app, it was always one of the essential apps for me, but lately, as the title says, it keeps freezing when I’m trying to save my edits. Screen just goes black and the spinning wheel stays there indefinitely. It happens both on my iPhone X and iPhone 7. It’s really unproductive and somewhat annoying, especially since it happens randomly, sometimes after just one picture, sometimes after couple of pics.

Very nice

Very nice app enjoyed

Thank you and don’t remove ability to edit in photos app with app

I recently was frustrated beyond belief because you did an “update “ of the app that meant one could no longer be on a photo in your photos library and use photoshop express to edit. I voiced my severe frustration with this change as it means as a photographer who has several thousand images editing using the app only in their app means it’s impossible to use the app to edit as no one wants to navigate through several thousand images to edit your specific file . You changed it back so after investigating other apps to use for photo editing my Favourite is back and will be my go to. Please don’t make this change again it is of no use to anyone. Thank you for changing it back !!!5 stars

Great app

One of the best apps ever, it’s a life saver for me.

Look this app

If you could only add a feature like Depth Control...still a nice app


Love this app. Works extremely well with the InstaGram App. and FB, too. Thank you!


This app is AMAZING! I can’t talk trash about it if there is nothing to talk trash about! Most apps like this one, makes you pay for certain stuff. This is the ONLY app for editing photos that I have NOT deleted! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 I LOOOVE how everything is free. That you don’t have to pay for some stickers or for a filter. All the filters and word types or AmAzInG!!!!!! BEST photo editing app I have SEEN!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏And I am REALLY hard to impress! 😏 Just saying!

First timer

Just starting to try it seems amazing


I’m bored

The app is not responsive to the new iPhone

When you start editing an image on an iPhone XS, the 3 middle right icons is hidden while the fourth middle icon is cut-off. This is because the new iPhone has a gap in between on the topmost screen. This isn’t a good user-experience because every time I have to edit an image, I have to zoom-out of the app to see where the icons are. I’m always zooming-out of the app to ensure I’ll be clicking on the right command icon.


I love this because I can make pictures for my YouTube vids but that’s all I do so that’s why I rate it 4!

Easy does it

No to complex to use quickly.

The notch is cropping into the software. Please update for iPhone X

Please update the software. The app is great otherwise. Thank you.


Do not appreciate being forced to log in. Looking for another app that appreciates privacy

Wonderful App - Simple & Powerful

Use this app a few times a month to highlight special photos of our family ... okay, mainly our four year old grandson. It is easy to use and has more options than I’ll ever need. Highly recommended!

Fuera de serie

Excelente programa, una versión reducida para cargar a todas partes, uso Photoshop desde la versión 1.0 para mi trabajo casi todos los días.

Love it


Required to log in/subscribe (is free though)

Recent update requires you to create a log in. Bad for privacy so will discontinue use. Was a great app as far as phones apps for editing. Don’t understand why they require log in. They can now review (keep?) under their terms.

Can’t Opt Out

In order to use the app, you have to sign into an account, purportedly to get premium features for free. I don’t want premium features. I just want to make my memes and go. Why do I need to sign up in order to even access the app, much less get features I neither want nor need? Side note: briefly went through the terms of service. Why do you even need my IP anyway??? Or my number? Address?


Congratulations. You have apparently turned a decent app into crap. Job well done!

Why require a log in?

You used to be able to use this app without logging in anywhere but apparently the company didn’t like that. Let me edit my photos without big brother watching and I’ll rate this better. Until then it gets 1 star.

Such a great App

Love it

Can’t find recent photos

Also says unsupported files

No RTL language support

You should learn from PICSPLAY app


It does very basic boring versions Boring!

Best free app

Best of its class

I dig Photoshop Express

I use the PS app on every photo I share. Since smartphone photos are still imperfect, PS has all the tools I need to make them look good for sharing online. The continual improvements and additions to the PS app are also appreciated.

Love it

Best app ever!!!!


Repeatedly crashes or says I don’t have permission to modify the picture even though I do. Last 2 updates have been horrible.

Perfect app

Words can’t explain how amazing this app is

Apple picture folders

Apple IPad, 12.0 May have to delete the app. When PS opens I cannot select a folder to then select a picture to edit. It defaults to the main picture folder with a 1,00 or more pictures. No way to select a folder or sort. Fix soon or I’ll just delete the app.

Higher expectations

I’m not saying this app is terrible or bad but I honestly expected more PS features. To make actual PS available at least for iPad/tablets would be great because you then have more leniency and freedom with editing if using an Apple Pencil or stylus.

User friendly and easy for quick processing

The app is user friendly and very easy to use for a quick turnout on fixing the photos from mobile phone. It has similar fixture tool as that of a photoshop.


Es muy facil de utilizar felicidades

Export control

Great app, makes photo manipulation easy for the uninitiated. I wish I had control over the export format...


Best photo editing app EVER!!


Honestly this new app update is so stupid I can’t get to the images I have in my camera roll. Aside from making me sign into one of my accounts I can’t even view stuff of my phone. HORRIBLE UPDATE!!!! Ewwwww save some time and go elsewhere this app is so gross


I really love this app it doesn’t cost any money and it makes great pictures!😀👍🏻

Good app

I definitely like this app. I don't edit my photos heavily so there's a lot here that I never use at all. Sometimes I use it in conjunction with another app that has a better look for what I want. It's still my favorite.

Photoshop express for iPhone

I am a professional digital artist and have used Photoshop to create my art for the last 15 years. Of course I’ve been using a high-end desktop computer and I’ve always had the latest desktop versions of Photoshop. I must say I am rather surprised at how much can be done on my iPhone -with photos that I have taken with it - using Photoshop express. It takes a while to get used to working a photo on such a small screen but once I got the hang of it I was and still I am quite impressed.

Will not update

I have not been able to get this AP to update for months! It will act like it's trying then it just clicks off and still says update?

It amazing

Best photo editor to date

Awesome App

I absolutely Love this app, it works miracles with my drab Photos, & turns them into Masterpiece’s ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Good but not much access to premium features

Tried to sign up for advanced features but it didn’t work and took forever ☹️

Can’t edit straight from photo album anymore

After an update, I can no longer scroll through my photo album on my iPhone and select a photo to touch up with PS Express. It tells me I have to access it only from the app itself. I used to be able to look at photos in my photo album, select one and select edit, and the popup would give me PS Express as an option. This is very disappointing.

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