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Paid features removed with update.

The developer has claimed on my previous reviews that filters were merely reorganized, but most of the old “premium looks” such as grain are gone and wasted money.

Clear editing

This app is truly awesome for it does an outstanding job in editing your photos.

Best app

The best photo app

Owenthomas likes Berry’s



Good app to have

Dandy little program

I use this to fine tune my headshots. Much more control than with the i photo program from Mac. Love it... well done!!!!

it’s okay

while this app does have a lot of options and can be used for a lot of things, i tried to use the text part and it wasn’t easy to use. i need an app that i can use for text structures and different fonts to make things like invitations, or whatever else i may need.

Everything you expect

Quick way to make significant enhancements and effects. Love this app and it’s handy ability to export to social media as well as to your camera roll.

Love it so much but...

i love this app because it hels me make small photo edits and i can make collages aswell❤️i love it so much,but...i wish it had more frames,filters,and edges to choose from.Besides for that i love the app❤️

Great app

Easy to use great app!

Best in the business

This app is amazing and able to help put together the best of photos


Very good app

The best

Everything about this app is easy, manageable and gives u best finishes pic u can hope for

Good app but where are the layers?

Have worked with Ps since 1. Ai since 7. Why only have layers in illustrator draw? Just wondering.

I love this app

I love this app because it is so much fun to make the collages and edit photos.I also love the cool stickers you can use on the collages and photos.


Perfect app for quick fixes, collages, and more. I love it!

Love it!

I’ve been looking for a good photo editor for my iPhone. I saw how many reviews this app had. Yet it was still five stars. so I had to try it out.

Home Based Business

I sell a variety of items online and this program allows me to post prices on the individual item so there are no mistaking the cost. Awesome for small home businesses!

It's good not perfect but good

It's a good app but not as good as the one in the computer but it's good

A Must Have

I have really relied on this app as my go to photo editor. I have downloaded and deleted many editing apps in the past but this one has always remained.

Quick edits

I love that I can do editing quickly for minor things and add a collage

What an A

As was, pointed out by the condescending reviewerIt’s great it’s awesome......... it’s fun. And it free. Adobe has always has amazing Adobe is the best at what they do. I’m not a pro and I’ve used PS for years. It’s not hard it’s expensive, So an express version, for people who do things for fun, it’s free free free easy. Pro schmo pointing and finger, light angle and of course, noticing beauty and weirdness and horror, that’s a gift, free as well. These apps are for fun ok. You’re reviewing it as it’s not. Professional publishing material for more, um customers. Any idiot can take a pic, any can notice beauty everywhere, some can alter it with a machine printed thrown away. I’m sorry so e of these reviews were not reviews for this App. gripping cause you can’t move data easily? Umm Hardware dude. You just don’t know how. Pictures of nature and sad faces, anything you see everyday. BORING!!! That’s a app can do amazing things to the terrifying and horrible. The “pros” no heart or fun just deadlines waste and giving color to crap handouts that say more crap. Publishing is a leap forward in education for all. Now it’s make it with pictures... anyone can do your jobs. Programs can be learned and most follow orders and insult art and artists. Changing a raster to a vector, a click away, Stop whining stop reviewing apps for non-paid most annoying part of the comp industry. Try to make yourself look smart elsewhere kk

This is too much.

All I wanted to do was flip picture horizontally. I googled it, and found out that this was the app I needed to download. I downloaded it. After several failed attempts of me “making an account,” it still proved difficult. I was never able to successfully flip the picture; However, this app now has all of my personal information. Stay away.

Best one

For me this is the go to app for editing. I took away a star because it's too hard to save what you have then add to it. Otherwise perfect.


For the app being free it’s great!

It’s not working

Can’t transfer photos. When I take a photo with the camera it restarts the app, and that’s gone

In my opinion


Great app

Does what I want to do! Great app.




This app is lit🔥🔥 wit sick edits

Gotta Love Photo Shop it’s AMAZING

It’s got EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE THE BEST PHOTO’s ever I mean C’Mon it’s Adobe Photo Shop

Loved it!!

It’s awesome like professional.


This is such a stunning tool for photography that is a great gateway into Adobe Creative Cloud! This has helped me get better at photo editing and I look forward to learning the more fine-tune details on Adobe Photoshop and Creative Cloud on desktop! Best of all, this app is free and is great to create stunning photos that you can share with friends and have in your portfolio! Awesome! They really transform my photos! :)

Add photo to a photo?

I like this app but can you add a photo to a photo?

PhotoShop Lite

Being a long time user user of Photoshop, I understand the limitations of tools for the Express app. That being said, the ability to enhance photos is in league by itself for not only free apps but most any photo app, regardless of price. I am more than satisfied by the variety of tools provided and has made my ability to share my photos with more confidence and presentation. Thank you Adobe!!

Very happy

With PS Express. So many great changes without having to go Premium. Highly recommend.


Love. I’m a pro photographer who never thought I’d be using an iPad to edit. Wow.

Great Photo Editing!

Am loving using this APP. Esp. enjoy the texts provided:)


Well this app is cool but like why does it have to be so expensive? Like there isn’t any apps these days that DONT COST ANY MONEY!!! WOW THAT SOUNDS WONDERFUL! SERIOUSLY! WAY MORE PEOPLE WILL BUY AN APP THAT DOESNT HAVE IN APP PURCHASES OR ANY OTHER CRAP LIKE THAT!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Photoshop Review

Honestly nothing bad to say.

So easy to use

I just love ir

too much fun

creative with endless possibilities to enhanced line and colors! great light. . . excellent black and white. have fun!

Best choice

I am not a professional, heck I am not really even a good photographer but this app really help clean up my photos so I don’t mind sharing them. I would recommend this to anyone from a novice on up!

A good tool

My Mac died and my iPad, so after buying a newer iPad I was happy to see how well PS work on it. I do not have the budget for Creative Cloud for now so the free app is a nice alternative. Thank You!


Best photo editor app

The ONLY photo editing App I use!

This is my go-to App when it comes to sharing and editing ANY & ALL my photos! I've been using it for several years now & Honestly don't think I'd ever come across a more simpler App to use to edit my photos.. nor one that does/has All the Amazing Features & results as Photoshop Express!! Thanks Adobe for making the best photo editing software in the world! I've my degree in Photography & I'll be back to using Photoshop & Lightroom on my Desktop as soon as I am able to afford to replace my DSLR CAMERA that was lost in a fire, asking with everything else I'd owned. But after 7 years, I'm FINALLY almost able to start saving to replace my camera!! I love Adobe & Photoshop Express is perfect while using my iPhone to take my photos.😊🙇‍♀️🙏🏼📷🙏🏼🙇‍♀️😇


Just started using it. Right off the bat I have found it easy to navigate through the features. I am looking forward to becoming more experienced with the app.


I constantly have to the submitting pictures and sometimes i don’t access to my laptop right away. Having this app on my phone has saved my life !!!! I can edit my photos and upload them straight my website in no time !!


This app is amazing. It's so easy to use this app is a must for any beginner and pro. So simple and amazing to use.

Disappointing app

If u don’t want to sign up, it doesn’t work 😣 .... if I knew that, I wouldn’t download it ....

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