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This is, by far, my go-to app for photo editing. No other app combines Adobe’s known quality and standards along with the basic features that are essential to digital photo presentation. This is an essential application for anyone who spends any amount of time online today.

Excellent tool...

Once you’ve mastered this app it becomes an excellent tool to quickly improve and maximizing the most out of each photo... a must have in my opinion...

I miss the old version

I used to adore this but now it keeps shutting down.

Photoshop Can’t Read Files?

I have no idea what the file format on my phone is. If I can see a picture in my camera roll I expect Photoshop to be able to read it. Update: Adobe provided a link to a list of supported file types. Unfortunately this does not address the fact that I don’t know the file format of the images on my phone. If Photoshop Express cannot edit a photo on my phone for whatever reason, it should not appear as an option.

Great fun

Figuring out good times

So much fun

It’s awesome!! From the first time to the 50th, it still remains easy

A feature is missing

PS Express is great for on the fly touch up on Cell phones but it would be nice and handy to have a pen feature on it to mark stuff.

New favorite

New favorite app for editing photos

My go to Photo App

Always loved Photoshop but now the App brings home my favorite tools with new and easy suggestions for easy editing! Thanks, Adobe

Love it!

Amazing app and great collages, without ugly app logo!

New features

I’m just amazed by the new features, the ability to just lay on my bed with my iPhone or my Wacom tablet and interact with the app right in front of me on my iMac via remote control is great, extremely helpful and for my self who is having problems with carpal tunnel on both hands I’m shaking alot, call me crazy but sometimes I rather work on mobile apps and then just transfer to my desktop for final rendering etc, this app just like all apps adobe puts out its fantastic!!!!!


I like using this app because I can edit game pictures and stuff but the controls and hard to understand :p overall, this is very good.


Excellent app that is easy to maneuver, with very highly quality prints. It’s useful for all post-production touch ups.

Text control

Need more control on sizing text

One HUGE Problem

I love the app but ever sense it automatically updated it won't open anymore. The app won't irk anymore and now it's just basically a sticker on the home screen. I gave it the stars I did in hopes it gets read by someone who can help.

Excellent app!!

Love the way this app works. Quick and Easy yet powerful output. Good job lads!!


This app is awesome!! perfect editing tool for my Instagram posts and best photo app for professionals. Great features! I have used it everyday for years! This is the best✨✨


Turn ordinary photos into full blown edits. I wish I could upload photos to prove it.

Good app

I like the features but wish it could make arrows.




This app is literally awesome and SO easy to use!


I use this App because I like photography, and some of my photos need a touch up.


Very creative app

Great for quickies

Good on the fly editing. Thanks Adobe!


Photoshop express is a comprehensive photo editing app for your phone. It’s still easy to use, but with much better than success than some other apps.

App is ok...

Don’t ask me to rate the app while using it.

Don’t get this app!!

This app has been trying to download on my phone for 2 days now.


I’m 11 and it says for people 4 and up but when I confirmed I’m 11 it did not let me go. I always thought I should get it but no.

Sign In

Why do you need to sign in to use a free app? In all prior versions you didn’t have to do this and now with current build you have to ! ¿ - pointless... Adobe responded to me and this my response back! I had to sign in to use the app; there was no visible way to use it- the option I seen was to sign in!

Easy to use

It’s simple and not hard to use. You just have to play around for a little bit, you’ll get the hang out it.

Awesome App!

Easy to use and fully functional! Love it!!

you're so good

i love you

Great App

It's a really amazing app. Great tools for beginner and advanced photography. It is a must have for great, detailed editing.

Works terrific

I have love this app since I got it. Spent some on the extra feature as needed. They are handy. Best feature is the time delay photo. Still love it June 2018

Love it but it’s crashing when I try to open it

Fix please


Really good app

Not compatible

I have used this app effectively for a long time, but it is no longer compatible with my iPad, so it will never update again...unless you restore iOS 10 compatibility. Devices that cannot be upgraded past iOS 10 are not really THAT old.


I love this app!

Love it

Love it ... so professional...


Super easy to manipulate pictures and make them your own.

Great for photo editing

I just got it a couple minutes ago and this app is great. It has everything I need plus more!!! Thanks Adobe

Top of the line

Crazy good and so much fun to play with. Between “strip” and this app, I’m way ahead of editing and posting pics. Filters Rock.

The best

This is the best photo editing app I’ve ever used! I love the convenience of having it on my phone and how quick and easy it is to edit my photos to perfection. Love it!

Oldie but goodie

Just the essentials

So far so good

Just started.

So good!

So good, it make you wanna slap yo mama!

Great app

Very good smartphone photo editing app. Great for and easy to make a really nice collage.

Very Easy to Use - Love it

I love this app so much. I also like that it doesn’t slow down my phone either. Very easy to use, many features, I recommend.

Swear by it

Adore adobe

Sony A7III

Unable to open Sony A7III raw files. Sony ARW compressed raw file for Sony ILCE73 (A7III)

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