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Excellect photoshop app

Best app ive used that wasnt a pay to use app

Blemish remover

‘Nuff said

Great for editing photos

I use it for just editing photos for fun editing r for Instagram

Effective and SIMPLE

Does simple adjustments so easily and quickly. It has replaced Lucid as my primary photo editor which in turn is a wonderful editor.

I really like this app

I was looking for an app that could do black and white pictures with a pop of color; and this does it with a twist, except I want a full black and white picture with just my lipstick color popping. I hope the developers can make this happen. Maybe this exists and I just need to play around more, but if it doesn’t I need it to.

Can’t resize or even convert format?

Okay, I can resize images, but only to a small selection of pre-set sizes. All those sizes are too large for adding to a blog or email. And a print site I’m working with needs me to convert a .png to .jpeg, which it appears I can’t do. Hooray, I can use a bunch of filters just like I could on Instagram! Except I got this program hoping for basic functions like resizing and changing dpi and file format, so I could get work done on my iPad, away from home. It won’t do a darn thing I really need to do. I expected more practicality from an Adobe product.

Love this app

I just love this app! It’s totally easy to use and of all the apps that don’t cost an arm and a leg yet you still have some creative expression this is the one. Love it

What did you people do

What did you do the blemish removal tool? It used to just kind of smooth things over and blend the colors around it. Now I try to remove a blemish and it gives me a new eye ball. Nice job trying to make something “smarter” and ruining it all.

Great app!!!

Many apps just don’t perform what is expected but this app was exactly what I was looking for.


This app is so great if you want to take a blemish off your face. I love this app, I use it all the time!


Perfect one

I love it!

This is great! I am so glad to have a version of Photoshop for mobile. It is very useful.

The best

Tons of Variations and settings

Looks good so far

Looks good so far but I was solicited for a review before I had a chance to really dig in this app may want five stars but I will need to use it a little longer

Just started using

Just downloaded the app and used it twice so far so good. I really like that you can format the photos to fit different social media platforms.

Best Express Photo App

One of the most versatile express photo apps available. With update this app gets better and better.

Great colors for your pictures

Great for to do photo editing pictures with perfect color caption and make a funny look at the pictures

Drawing tools

Could use a drawing option when it comes to the control of the filters


It’s a very useful “pocket” version of the famous software, meets expectations...

Muy interesante


Love this app

Very user friendly. I love that you can crop, use many different filters, or make a collage all in this one app. This app hasn’t crash so far and there aren’t any adds. Great photo editing app!

So far so good

Have only used this for a few minutes so far. But it is easy to use and am looking forward to using it a lot in the future.

Nice photo editing

Fun to use - the learning curve is simple the more you mess with it the more you discover lots to do simple easy steps


It’s not as great as it seems

Great App

Best all around app I have found for pic editing.


I live by this app. Big thumbs up!


I Enjoy it lots! Follow me on Ig:@profilesuspended


So glad I added this to my phone.

Love this app

Stacey Zarro Photography

Great experience!!

Love the effects and visuals of the controls and look.

Must have

Saves my looney brain by helping me to express what I see. Thank u!!!❤️



Failed to upload

My picture I just corrected just fail to upload on the first try. 😡

Great photo editing App

Really a great App, especially with addition of the Premium option.

Good but not as I expected

For Adobe I thought I would get some effects or cartoons I could ad on but it’s only basic filters that are used on other apps. Not much of a difference than Instagram. Only frames and small color adjustments


Love this app - easy to use


I Love Photoshop and highly recommended to many of my artistic friends ! Sister Judy

Great program

Love this app

I love it :)

This app is well put together and is great for beginners and maybe even professionals!

Really good GET IT

I think this app is perfect for editing pictures I could go on and on about it

Amazingly rich set of features - get the full suite!

I am amazed at all the things I can do on my iPhone with the adobe photo tools that work seamlessly together. Normally, I would move a photo to my PC and use photoshop CS to edit but I’ve found I can do most of what I want right on my phone, easily, intuitively with high quality results. Now I can clean up, make edits, create collages, cut out pictures, adjust lighting, tone, exposures while at a quick break during the day, wherever I am! Thanks Adobe.

My go to app

Love this app!

Great Express app

Wonderful Express edition of photoshop... Express for a reason... not to be compared to desktop editing. Perfect for a quick edit and post on IG FB etc on the go!


Love it...I’m developing my eye and seeing subtle changes. So relaxing too.?

Lag much?

Great except the app runs terribly. Sometimes it’s delayed and other times it’s crashing.


Bastante buena y práctica!

Eaziest PSE ever!

Great new set of tools like a mini Qantel Paintbox. Lovely filters and effects! 10/10

Great App

Best app I’ve ever used for my iPhone snaps.


Lo mejor que he tenido en mi vida, en materia de fotografía!!!

Love the tool! So easy! Makes u look like a pro!

Love the two easy to use makes you look like a pro!

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